categories of plastics
- Jan 18, 2019 -

PETE or PET: polyethylene terephthalate

Marks and Numbers:

Nature of plastic:

White or transparent (process cooled rapidly)


Used to make mineral water bottles, coke bottles, juice bottles, screen protective film and other transparent protective film, usually colorless transparent. Because it only can be heat to 70 ℃, so this kind of beverage bottle only suitable for cold drinks warm drink, with high temperature liquid (such as: hot water) or heating is easy to deformation, are harmful to human body material dissolution; And the plastic products after 10 months, may release carcinogens, toxic to the human body.

PET can also be used for spinning, which is often referred to as polyester. Many sportswear that sought breathability and lightness were made of polyester, as was "dacron", the popular fabric of long ago. However, due to the backward spinning methods at that time, dacron was not as comfortable as it is now. In addition, PET has many engineering applications.


Heat resistant 60 ~ 85 ℃, high transparency, can see the contents of the bottle; Acid and alkali resistant, can hold carbonated drinks; High water resistance, not easy to seep out.

Safety issues:

It is non-toxic, but the synthesis process may leave monomers, low molecular oligomers and side reaction products such as diethylene glycol, which are somewhat toxic. The PET raw material used in beverage bottles has strict national standards.

PET plastic bottles cannot be placed in the car in the sun; Do not pack alcohol, oil and other substances, harmful substances are easy to dissolve out. Don't put more than 70 ℃ liquid, can lead to high temperature materials decomposition release harmful chemicals.

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