Electronic cigarette classification
- Dec 12, 2017 -

Electronic cigarettes contain a very diverse range of products in terms of their design, function and operating characteristics, so there is no consensus on the definition of e-cigarette terms. However, the classification of e-cigarettes on the market can be divided into three categories:

1. The first generation of electronic cigarettes (cigarettes) had the same size, shape and appearance as traditional cigarettes and were mainly composed of lithium batteries and atomized cartridges. The battery can be disposable (discarded after it has been depleted) or it can be rechargeable. Atomized bombs are a specific type of atomizer that includes a spongy polyester fiber material for impregnating e-liquid, but no reservoir dedicated to storing e-liquid. In general, atomized cartridges are pre-filled with liquid, but empty atomized cartridges can also be used to re-fill any chosen liquid. This is the first generation of electronic cigarette released on the market.

2. The second generation of electronic cigarette has a larger size, cylindrical rechargeable aluminum battery, shaped like a big pen, which is called eGo-type battery. The nebulizer is refillable and has a transparent window for storing the e-Liquid reservoir design and a liquid level for the user. Initially, the entire nebulizer needs to be discarded after a few milliliters of liquid smoke has been consumed, but a removable end cap has appeared in recent years so that the resistor and the core are partially replaced and the body is retained. This significantly reduces the cost of use and therefore leads to the development of more advanced products.

3. The third generation of electronic cigarettes, called mods, or Advanced Personal Customizers (APVs), includes a large-capacity lithium battery with an integrated circuit that allows the user, also known as a vaper, to adjust the power delivered to the nebulizer (Watts). The third generation of electronic cigarettes is usually cylindrical or box-like shape, you can use the second generation atomizer or assembled atomizer, which allows consumers to customize the resistor and the wick. Most of these nebulizers have a tank design, but a unique dripper nebulizer has no liquid storage space. The user sucks the liquid through the suction nozzle at certain time intervals so that the cotton core material is in a liquid-infiltrated state.