How does the beverage industry improve the supply of recycled PET bottles?
- Nov 03, 2018 -

The two PET regeneration plants in Wollersdorf, Austria, and Radomosko, Poland, belong to Alpla, which produce nearly 45,000 tons of food-grade rPET made from recycled materials.

Texplast, a PET regeneration company based in Wolfen, Germany, is a subsidiary of Fromm plastics, which produces PET particles and PET fragments. Fromm USES both materials to make its own packing tape and supplies materials to manufacturers of beverage bottles, heated molding boards and fibers.

Georg Lasser, head of the corporate recycling and regeneration service at Alpla, said the demand from both production bases constituted good complementarity: Alpla's main demand was for clear food-grade plastic particles, while Fromm's processing and manufacturing of bundled tapes required colored plastic fragments. This cooperation will ensure the quantity and quality of materials required by both parties.

Reinhard Fromm, the owner of Fromm group, added: "the three plants have coordinated in different procurement markets to form an ideal complementarity in the procurement of raw materials."