Custom E-Liquid Labels
- May 17, 2018 -

Custom E-Liquid Labels

The E-Liquid market has skyrocketed since it was introduced in the U.S. in 2007. With E-Cigarette market growth exploding into a $2.5 billion industry in 2014, it doesn't appear that it's going anywhere anytime soon. has been in the E-Cig and E-Liquid custom label market for years and we now understand many of the things that are most important to our E-Liquid custom label customers. Whether printing your own variable data with a bright full-color logo is important to you or outfitting your entire product line in new, high-quality labels is what you're looking for, has your custom label needs covered. Learn more about our E-Liquid custom labels below and get a free online quote or call one of our custom label experts for a quick, easy personalized quote or answers to your questions at 800-750-7764.

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Labelvalue, we were excited and a bit nervous about ordering our first batch of labels for our new unique product line. They took excellent care of us from the beginning and even on the follow up. We love our LabelValue labels and the people who work at LabelValue! We really felt like they were part of our team and cared about our project! - Fred is your source for premium quality labels and service. We've been providing labels to the E-Juice and E-Cig industries for years and are happy to share our experience with you in order to find the perfect solution to your labeling needs. With over 100,000 satisfied customers served and over 80% of our business comprised of repeat customers, you can be assured that we care about your business's and product's success. Getting more information or a quick quote is simple and easy. Either give us a call at 800.750.7764 or get started on your online custom label quote by clicking the button above.

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