- Jan 18, 2019 -

Nature of plastic:

White translucent/thin film products appear transparent


All kinds of containers, feeding bottles, washing bottles, piping and all kinds of molding laboratory equipment, plastic film and plastic wrap, toothpaste or facial cleanser hose packaging, paper milk boxes, beverage boxes and other packaging boxes are used as the inner film. Be used at the appliance such as plastic film more on, unfavorable as beverage container.


Heat of 70 ~ 90 ℃ corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistant, overheat easily produce carcinogens; Good ductility, widely used in life.

Safety issues:

LDPE products due to the high temperature will soften or melt, should try to avoid above water temperature 100 ℃. Plastic wrap hot melt phenomenon occurs on the temperature over 110 ℃, therefore, before the food in the microwave oven, first remove the wrapped in plastic wrap.

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