Open the shelf life of tobacco is how long?
- Dec 12, 2017 -

We add in the atomizer inside the oil, if not long-term use, has been put may lead to oil spills, so if the long-term collection of idle nebulizer which do not store tobacco, even if the tobacco has not expired, when Your equipment is also troublesome.

Liquid oil is also a shelf life, may be some bottles of oil above the shelf life is not written, the shelf life is generally a year by default. After we disassembled the cigarettes, it is generally best to be finished within half a year so that the taste will be better. Usually the 30ML cigarettes are loaded, and 2-3 flavors are used interchangeably. , Unless it is particularly difficult to smoke, so when you buy cigarettes, you can buy a small bottle of test, so less waste. Although it has not been found that the long-term storage of the cigarette oil will deteriorate after opening, the taste becomes fainter and worse. Therefore, the opened cigarette oil should be used as soon as possible.

You should follow a few basic principles. Always keep your electronic cigarette away from direct light and all heat. Although chemicals such as PV, VG and nicotine can be stored for two years in the absence of light and cold, it is their ideal shelf life. However, when it comes to flavored electronic cigarettes used by everyone, the situation is quite different.