PVC or V
- Jan 18, 2019 -

Nature of plastic:

Colorless transparent


PVC is now used to manufacture some cheap artificial leather, pad, sewer, raincoat, PVC plastic pipe, plastic switch, socket, etc.; Because of its good electrical performance and certain flame retardant characteristics, it is widely used in the manufacturing of wire and cable sheath. In addition, PVC is widely used in the industrial field, especially in the high demand for acid and alkali corrosion resistance.


Heat resistant 60 ~ 80 ℃, overheating easy release various toxic additives; High strength, weather resistance and good corrosion resistance.

Safety issues:

This material is heat-resistant only 81 ℃, therefore can't be used in higher temperature place. In the production of PVC, a large number of plasticizers (plasticizers, such as DOP) and heat stabilizers containing heavy metals are used, and it is difficult to eliminate the presence of free monomers in the synthesis process. When encountering high temperature and grease, it is easy to release toxic substances, which is easy to cause cancer. Therefore, PVC is basically replaced by PP and PE in the contact with human body, especially in the application of medicine and food.

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