Why do you want to save the oil?
- Dec 12, 2017 -

Imagine you've already smoked a favorite strawberry flavored smoker and then suddenly discovered another mint vanilla you like, and the strawberry flavored smoked ejaculate needs to be put aside for a while. Or worse, your favorite e cigarette maker suddenly decided to stop production, you want to store oil. Well, both of these things can happen, but do not need to be nervous. If you just follow a few simple rules, even months later, you can enjoy the taste you liked.

Put your electronic cigarette oil in a dark and shady area. The reason is simple, heat will "accelerate" the chemical reaction, which can change the quality and taste of the oil. This is why some people freeze their nicotine cigarettes. If you have a high proportion of tobacco smoke PG, it means that the shelf life of this cigarette smoke will be longer. Thanks to PG (propylene glycol) for its natural antibacterial properties. However, if your cigarette smoke has a high VG ratio and you plan to put it in the fridge, remember that low temperatures make it thicker and more viscous. Make it warm at room temperature, then you can use.