American Association Of Smoke Oil Security Authentication System Enable
- Oct 24, 2018 -

The National e-liquid Association (USNEA) holds a news conference in Los Angeles. (photo by nie dazu, Chinese journalist)

In addition, elvin emphasized that the quality of e-cigarette oil, which is burned into the lungs and other organs, has a significant impact on the health of users and effective technical measures must be taken to regulate the entire production and sales process. The system will be developed well for this purpose, and the areas to be initially verified will cover the regions of South America, asia-pacific and southern Europe, where there is a lot of counterfeit smoke and oil, which is believed to ease the chaotic situation of the local market to some extent.

Released the new electronic cigarette oil system by the database terminals, mobile communications terminal parts, open mobile phone APP for IOS and Android platform more users download, the user can through the phone APP directly to smoke oil bottle body scan unique verification code verification, through authentication code can understand the oil smoke from the factory production and wholesale distribution, to retail stores of each link point in time, realize electronic smoke oil production follow-up.

America's national association of smoke oil Dave varela (Dave Barela), said electronic cigarettes first invented by the Chinese, developing rapidly in recent years, the smoke oil markets around the world, the United States and Malaysia is one of the most important origin, especially in the United States of smoke oil quality is best, it also led to a lot of fake and smuggling oil smoke appeared in the United States, many counterfeit inferior raw materials, and oil smuggling cigarettes merchants in pursuit of profits, often after dilution capacity, pursuit of greater profits.

Eugene, the manager of the smoke-oil verification system, demonstrated on site how to use the mobile APP to scan the qr code of the bottle body. (photo by nie dazu, Chinese journalist)

Smoke oil validation system, said Eugene (Eugene), head of the release of smoke oil validation system lasted 14 months of research and development, every bottle of oil smoke has only randomly generated qr code, from production to retail each endpoint has a record, verification code USES the replication technology, fake smoke oil and contraband can not forge the authentication code, more not without foundation generation and distribution in the early factories.

The NFLS will not charge anyone or any company any fees for the new system, but any oil that can be included in the database must go through the NFLS's full set of standard inspections, including on-site inspections, production-line capability assessments and blind inspections of raw materials, according to Dave, the NFLS President. According to Dave, the first batch of verified and counterfeit-proof U.S. smoke oil will enter the global market in mid-june, and the scan verification APP will be available for users to download soon.

The national tobacco oil association of the United States is the only government-registered non-profit professional organization in the field of e-cigarette oil. It has nearly 500 industry experts, tobacco oil enterprises and volunteer members, and has completed nearly 3,000 hours of industrial volunteer public welfare projects.