Essential Oil Bottle Cleaning And Disinfection Methods Brief Analysis
- Dec 12, 2017 -

Generally, we use the essential oil bottle or base oil bottle to clean the distilled water + alcohol.

This method should be able to clean relatively clean, but the feeling of the process is too complicated and cumbersome, so get some acetone to clean the bottle jar.

This is the main ingredient used in nail polish, which can be bought where chemical products are sold. The ability to dissolve oil is many times better than that of alcohol, and the boiling point is very low at only 30 ° C. The rate of volatilization is very high. When the time by a small number of methods, basically about 3 times you can wash very clean, open the mouth after cleaning acetone odor can be dissipated.

It should be noted that this is not suitable for direct use to clean the rubber skin and most plastic bottles, it will be dissolved. And cleaning the best time to bring a disposable glove, or hand grease easily be taken away, the hand will do it dry.