EU Calls For Electronic Cigarette Standards
- May 16, 2018 -

E-cigarette public number: According to the Tobacco Industry News, Laima Andrikien, member of the European Parliament’s International Trade Committee and member of the European Parliament, stated in the “Parliament Magazine” that the EU should reconsider the prohibition of advertising on tobacco products because consumers currently need more. Information on electronic cigarettes that are less harmful than combustible cigarettes, and how e-cigarettes help them.


The magazine publishes a series of submissions written by those who advocated the enforcement of e-cigarette standards. Most of Andrikien's content concerns the need for these standards.


She said that thousands of counterfeit products have entered the EU market without any security checks and violated EU trade rules, including toys, electronic equipment, medicines, cosmetics and tobacco.


She said tobacco manufacturers face major problems in illegal trade. New tobacco products and e-cigarettes are different from traditional tobacco products in many aspects, and there are many new products on the market.


She added: “In general, a large number of similar products are good for consumers, but it is important to know whether the regulatory agencies are ready to deal with it. We have determined that there is no compliance framework at the EU level. ”


Andrikien said that protecting consumers and ensuring product safety—especially those imported from third countries—still have problems and require EU-level emergency attention.


The EU Standards Committee is studying this issue. However, the standardization process is slow and requires the further efforts of all EU member states.