Further Tariffs In The United States Would Benefit Local Plastic Processors And Consumers
- Dec 06, 2018 -

On July 6, the United States formally imposed a 25 percent tariff on imports from China of injection molding machines, extruders, blow molding machines, thermoforming machines and molds, as well as a range of other products valued at $34 billion. The U.S. upped the ante after China imposed tariffs on some U.S. products.

On July 10, the U.S. trade representative's office released a list of $200 billion worth of products that could also be subject to tariffs after scrutiny. This time, the main products that the plastics industry is likely to be taxed on are certain types of plasticizers. Some finished products made from PVC and PE may also be affected. That means higher prices for consumers if imported, or opportunities for local producers in North America to expand production.

Products such as PVC floors, wallpaper, ceiling coverings, hoses, plastic boxes, cases and bags, polyethylene bags, bottle caps and stoppers, large plastic cans and plastic raincoats may affect consumer confidence. The filing, hearing and appeal procedures will continue until 30 August.