The Top 20 E-cigarette Companies In The United States Have A 98 Percent Market Share
- Oct 24, 2018 -

Here's a list of companies (not counting HnB heating non-combustion/cryogenic tobacco), in alphabetical order:

American Vapor LLC.

Baton LLC.

Black Mountain Fulfillment LLC.

Boulder International, Inc., -- platinum international

ECS Global LLC.

Fontem USA Inc /Imperial Tobacco (Blu); -- Blu, part of imperial tobacco

Mr. Juul Labs, Inc.; -- the famous JUUL

Kretek International, Inc.,

Logic Technology Development, LLC/Japan Tobacco; "-- Logic, Japan tobacco

Magellan Technology Inc.

Myle Vape Inc.;

Phillip Morris International, Inc. (MarkTen); -- MarkTen, owned by Philip morris

Reynolds American Inc./British American Tobacco(Vuse); -- Vuse, owned by Renault/British American tobacco

Sutra Vape.


Vertigo Vapor LLC.

VGOD Inc.;

VMR Products LLC.

Given Inc.;

ZLab S.A.

There are some familiar names on the list, such as JUUL, which currently has the largest share of the U.S. e-cigarette market, Blu of imperial tobacco, and Logic of Japanese tobacco. Philip morris' MarkTen did not start well, but it has a place thanks to the parent company's strong channel strength. Renault/British American tobacco's e-cigarette brand, Vuse, is mid-to-high. Boulder international, which has a strong market share in the Midwest, has also recently begun to make inroads in China.

This is the case in the U.S. home market, excluding other countries. The data is only for e-cigarettes that use the oil. Heat does not burn tobacco, including iQOS.