This Week PET Consolidation Is Mainly Expected After A Small Shock
- Nov 09, 2018 -

Product aspect: PET manufacturer plans to overhaul this week, the overall operation rate is low, and the market spot flow is less, mainly focusing on pre-order. At the same time, the downstream procurement mainly wait-and-see, the actual volume is weak, mainly meeting the demand, resulting in the overall market consolidation this week. As of October 12, the mainstream quotation range of PET water bottle manufacturers is 10100-10300 yuan/ton.

Industrial chain: after a sharp drop in the raw material PTA(6542, -34.00, -0.52%) this week, the decline gradually slowed down and stabilized, and the overall decline was 0.71%. At the same time, the price of raw materials ethylene glycol consolidation, the overall decline of 0.15%. Upstream declines slowed and were relatively stable, with a small swing in the PET market, up 0.18 percent overall. Industrial chain downstream prices rise and fall, both rise and fall in a small range of shock, this week xiangsu industry overall market volatility.

The xiangsu index was 843 on October 12, down 1 point from yesterday, down 20.47% from the period peak of 1060 (2012-03-14) and up 46.35% from the low of 576 on December 21, 2015. (note: cycle refers to 2011-12-01 up to now) the rubber industry fluctuates.

Business community PET analysts think: rubber industry consolidation this week, the trend of PET products in line with the market. Affected by environmental policies and high raw material prices, the overall construction rate of PET is at a low level, the stock in stock is tight, the procurement on the demand side is general, some purchasers meet the demand just, it is estimated that the market price of PET will fluctuate slightly, and the mainstream quotation range is 10,000-10300 yuan/ton.