Plastic Waste Sold To The World, Shandong This Enterprise Turn Waste Into Treasure
- Dec 06, 2018 -

It can turn industrial waste into renewable resources, and it can turn old objects into works of art. There is such an enterprise in zibo, shandong province, which is famous at home and abroad for its unique technique of "turning waste into treasure".

On the afternoon of 16th, shandong yingke environmental protection renewable resources co., LTD., located in linzi district, zibo city, experienced the superb technology level of "waste" into gold with art points. It is reported, ying ke environmental protection "transforms" waste plastic to amount to 60 thousand tons every year, the product such as frame of artistic photograph frame, picture that process is exported far abroad more.

Find environmental protection business opportunities from waste

In the past, the chemical industry gave the impression of high pollution and energy consumption, but yingke environmental protection has given people a refreshing feeling. Enter yingke environmental protection exhibition hall, the picture frame, picture frame, picture frame of each different form is exquisite and elegant, as if place oneself in an art museum. But what is surprising is that what looks like logs or metal frames are actually recycled using recycled plastic in an environmentally friendly process.

The original intention that mentions to devote oneself to this industry in those days, yu haisheng of deputy general manager of environmental protection of ying ke introduces to the reporter, "our chairman liu fangyi's original idea is" replace wood with plastic, change waste into treasure ", let waste plastic find a good "end-result". In 1993, when he was studying in the United States, he found that discarded plastic was not recycled and seriously polluted, which would reduce crops and kill a large number of Marine animals.

Yu recalled that after several investigations, liu fangyi found that waste plastics are very good recycling materials and can be used as a good substitute for wood, which can not only eliminate pollution but also protect precious forest resources.

In 2001, liu fangyi gave up his work and life in the United States and returned to his hometown zibo. He successively went to Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom, Denmark and other countries for field investigation, studied the business model of innovative recycling economy integration, and was committed to the development of "reduce white pollution, promote the recycling of resources and green application" series of products.

Inke environmental protection was founded in 2005. Now, after more than ten years of accumulation and experience, yingke environmental protection is committed to the efficient recycling and high-quality regeneration of renewable PS foam plastic, and green application in PS environmental protection frame, environmental protection photo frame, picture frame and other indoor and outdoor decoration material fields. At present, inco environmental protection has grown into the world's leading provider of renewable PS foam solutions, and has close cooperation with Zara Home, wal-mart and other internationally renowned manufacturers.

Transformation and upgrading should be carried out overseas ahead of schedule

The growth of a new industry always goes through a storm. Chairman assistant mu tianyu tells a reporter, ying ke environmental protection encounters difficult problem ceaselessly in development, and conquer difficult problem ceaselessly again, "change danger is motive force, such ability is better more stable development."

"After the implementation of the ban and abolishment order, this year's domestic industry situation is not optimistic." Mu tianyu said that yingke environmental protection has also encountered a shortage of raw materials, production costs significantly increased and other serious situation. "But companies need to hone their skills in difficult times, actively seek change, and grow further to survive. The recycled plastics industry is bound to go through a cycle of survival of the fittest, so as to promote industrial transformation and upgrading.

In recent years, inco environmental protection has made full use of the advantages of global market and global layout and made rapid layout in Malaysia. On March 26, this year, inco environmental protection Malaysia branch has officially started production. From 2019 to 2020, inker environmental protection Malaysia branch will expand the high-end granulation project of 50,000 tons of PS waste plastics and prepare to construct the project of 100,000 tons of PET waste plastics recycling and regeneration granulation.

At the same time of economic benefits, yingke environmental protection keeps innovating in the field of foam resource regeneration and application, and has obtained 4 authorized invention patents and more than 30 authorized utility model patents, thus opening up the industrial chain of white foam resource regeneration and industrialization application. The company has also won the honor of "shandong province recycling economy pilot unit", "shandong province energy conservation and emission reduction major technical achievements unit", "shandong province comprehensive utilization of resources enterprise", "shandong province high-tech enterprise", "the first shandong province culture enterprise top 30" and so on.