The Austrian Packaging Giant Alpla Is Working With Fromm To Recycle PET
- Dec 06, 2018 -

Austrian packaging giant Alpla and Swiss packaging company vosland have announced plans to cooperate to recycle PET waste in the German market.

Both companies operate PET recycling plants and said in an agreement announced July 3 that they will focus on distributing PET waste in the recycling department as part of the agreement.

Georg Lasser, head of corporate recycling services at Alpla, explains: "our main need is for clean, food-grade particles. Fromm processes colored wafers for plastic strapping.

Cooperation between recycling facilities will ensure the quantity and quality of materials needed for both sides to produce, he said.

The companies believe the move will optimize PET recycling and significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions by saving transportation.

In addition, the two partners will receive simplified market access in their respective countries.

The two companies declined to give further details of the partnership, but said the agreement would complement each other's production bases.

Alpla's PET Recycling Team, based in Wollersdorf, Austria, and radomske, Poland, USES recycled materials to produce food-grade rPET with an annual capacity of about 45,000 tons.

Fromm Plastics GmbH owns a Texplast PET recovery facility in wolvern, Germany, which produces PET particles and PET flakes for use in Fromm's strappage products.

A spokesman for the company said the joint venture was currently a joint venture between the two companies, but that the possibility of further expanding the partnership remained to be explored.