The Differences Between Glass And Plastic E-Liquid Bottles
- Apr 16, 2018 -

There are questions when it comes to vaping as to what the differences are with storing e-liquids in a glass bottle as opposed to a plastic bottle. Glass and plastic bottles for e-liquids pretty much serve the same purpose - storage. Vapers out there might want to know what the effects are with the use of either glass or plastic, and we got the answers for you.

The only distinctive difference between the two bottle types is the material used. One is usually made of Pyrex glass, while the other is made from polycarbonate plastic. The problem with either type of bottle is that they have positive and negative factors that can create issues for users.

Plastic bottles are beneficial because of their durability and toughness. Vapers like the portability and risk-free aspect of carrying them around without the worry of breakage. They also appreciate the cheaper cost of a plastic bottle in relationship to a glass bottle, which can be quite a bit more expensive. Also, plastic bottles are easier to work with as far as holding on to them, avoiding slippage and dodging accidents. 

The detrimental side of plastic bottles is the fact that they tend to erode. With time, the acids in the stored e-liquids can wear away the polycarbonate materials of the bottle, which can be unpleasant as well as unsafe, particularly if any cancer-causing agents are present in the plastic and are ingested. The erosion can also modify the flavor of any e-juice being used. 

With glass bottles being fabricated from Pyrex, the benefits are more favorable. They are not affected by erosion despite e-liquid acidity, which makes them a whole lot longer lasting than plastic. The taste of e-liquids is enhanced and more flavorful rather than covered up or intermingled with other substances that can seep into plastic bottles. 

Disadvantages of glass bottles for e-liquids are always going to be breakage that can lead to spilled liquid, permanent bottle damage, replacement costs and possible injuries. Another drawback with glass bottles is their cost. Higher quality glass bottles can run anywhere from $5-$25, which is a lot more expensive than a plastic bottle that’s easily replaced and doesn't carry the hazards of glass.

Whether you choose to use glass or plastic to store e-liquids, there are advantages and disadvantages to both. The choice for storage is up to you.