What To Consider When Designing An E-Liquid Bottle
- May 03, 2018 -

The design of your e-liquid’s packaging is just as important as the recipe itself. Not only does it need to have an attractive appearance, but it must also have a high quality container with essential features such as a childproof cap. Customers are naturally drawn to eye-catching e-liquid bottles. However, they’re looking for functionality too. Our guide below outlines what to keep in mind when picking out a bottle for your e-liquid.

Ease of Use

E-liquids need to go into vape tanks so they can be heated up and vaped. As a result, their bottles need to have an effective tool, such as a needle tip or a pipette, to place the liquid in these pieces of equipment. This is an intricate task and if the dropper doesn’t work well, it can easily result in spilt e-liquid. Customers won’t be purchasing your e-liquid again if they’re constantly spilling it due to a poor quality dropper.

Pick an Appropriate Size

Most e-liquids tend to be packaged in 15ml bottles. Although some flavors are available in 30ml, the 15ml size is more popular because vapers like to try a lot of different flavors instead of just sticking to one. They’re more likely to purchase smaller bottles, so they can try more e-liquids and rotate flavors around regularly. These bottles are also more portable for all day vapes.

Select a Suitable Material

Glass bottles, like the ones Dynamic Creations uses for all of our products, are one of the most popular options. Unlike plastic, glass won’t deteriorate or affect the taste of your e-liquid over time. This material also gives e-liquids a more refined look, which plastic cannot. Vapers appreciate the sturdy, heavy feel that these bottles have when they pick them up as well.

Color of the Bottle

You want to show your customers that you stand by the quality of your product. Making your bottle transparent is a clear demonstration of that, as it doesn’t hide anything about its contents from potentially interested customers. They can easily see what your e-liquid looks like and if it meets their expectations or not. However, tinted glass bottles can be a good idea as well because they offer UV protection.

Child Resistant Caps

Childproof caps on e-liquid products are a necessity in this industry. Vape products are intended for ex-smokers who are eighteen years of age or older, but unfortunately, sometimes children are able to tamper with the packaging. Nicotine can be potentially fatal if it comes into direct contact with human skin or ingested in liquid form. For these reasons and more, your e-liquid bottle needs to have a child resistant cap.